6pcs 7″ Quick Strip RF Remote Kit (car/truck)


4 in stock (can be backordered)



Each LED strip (10 LED’s) produce a powerful 170-220 lumens of light depending on the color and consumes only 1-3.4 watts. Any system, even with add-ons, will consume a maximum of only 3 amps of power so it won’t kill your battery.

With our RF (radio frequency) remote that is water resistant and floats you can control your lights from 100′ +/-  and the capability to twirl through any color you want, adjust the brightness and select standard colors and sequences.

  • -(6x) 3″ LED strips (IP68)
  • -Wireless RF remote (floats, water resistant)
  • -(1x) Y-splitter(IP 68)
  • -(6x) 5′ extension cords (IP 68)
  • -(1x) receiver module (IP66)
  • -All necessary mounting hardware
  • -Approx. 42. of illumination





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