Our LED boat kits can be tailored to fit anyone's needs.  These systems have been engineered to withstand all conditions and are therefore fully waterproof (IP68) even if fully submerged.  All systems are plug-and-play ready; just remember, when adding additional electronics to your boat, you should always use an auxiliary switch or distribution panel.  Simply install, create your perfect color/ brightness/ sequence, and enjoy!


Transform your boat with a click of a button using our IP68 waterproof LEDs.  Every system can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet using our free app.  With over 16 million color options, we have no doubt you'll be able to find one just right for you.  

With the ability to dim down to 5%, these LEDs are ideal for use as additional interior or gunnel lights, saving your night vision when underway while also keeping you safe on board. 













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